SJFC Counseling Spirituality and Healing Arts

SJFC will be closing the majority of our services on June 30, 2016.  Please see our important message below.  

A.    If you are a current or past counseling client:

1.     To access your clinical records:

Please contact: Office Manager, Passages

Phone:  (509) 892 9241

Fax: (509) 892 9251

The fee for providing records after September 30, 2016 or upon closure of the agency will include staff time, cost of copies, cost of mailing, and cost to access the file through NW Vital Records.  The estimate of the fixed cost is approximately $26 plus copies and mailing.  

2.      Referrals:

If you are currently seeing a therapist at SJFC and wish to continue counseling services with another provider beyond June 30, 2016, your therapist will assist you with a referral to a provider. Some of our therapists will continue with their private practice. Lorraine Costanza can be reached at (509) 953-8100 and Ed Hinson can be reached at (509) 435-2756

B.    If you’re interested in brining your group to the FRANCISCAN PLACE for a meeting or stay for a private retreat:

Please contact Sharon Eklund

Phone: (509) 995-7997

Address:  1016 N. Superior St. Spokane, WA 99202

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